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 February 2009 savings report

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PostSubject: February 2009 savings report   Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:10 am

I track my savings via a spreadsheet that I created. It gives me my total spent in a month, the total amount saved and the percentage of savings. Here are my totals for February:

Spent - $271

Saved - $908

Percentage saved - 77%

Now this includes 4 trips that hubby made without my knowledge or coupons or sales for that matter. If I take those out, here is what I really did:

Spent - $228

Saved - $904

Percentage saved - 80%

Either way saving over 77% off my grocery bill makes me extremely happy. And since I won't be going to the store for the next 2 weeks (suffering withdrawal I'm sure) , my weekly average spent will be $45. I can live with that. How many people can feed a family of 3 + 1 college student for $11 a person a week?
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February 2009 savings report
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