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 Much better shopping trip

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PostSubject: Much better shopping trip   Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:47 pm

Kroger Savings February 19:

I decided to go out and roam the store at my leisure and see what I could find. Here goes:

Oral B 2 pack tooth brushes: $2.50 w/ $2 off coupon =$.50
Oral B 2 pack tooth brushes: $2.50 w/ $2 off coupon =$.50
* Essentially I got 4 toothbrushes for 1.00 or .25 per brush!
Tstr Strudel: $2.29 w/ .50 cell fire & .70 (.35 clipped coupon doubled)=1.09
Cottonelle: $.99 w/ .25 cell fire=$.74
Multigrain Cheerios: $1.67 w/ .75 cell fire & 1.00 (.50 clipped coupon doubled)=(.08 )
• I got them free with a credit of .08!
Oust Air San: $1.99 w/buy one get one free clipped coupon=$1.00 per can.

I had $8.99 in MFG CPN Savings
I had $1.50 in bonus cpn savings. (the doubled coupons)
Store coupons and Kro plus card (cell fire)=4.77
For a total of $15.26 in savings which is 60%.

I got a few other things, but I only paid $10.73. I am working on understanding this process. If I can do it, ANYONE CAN!
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Much better shopping trip
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