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 Buy in Anticipation of your need

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PostSubject: Buy in Anticipation of your need   Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:48 pm

This is the only true way to save money. For example, my hubby hates flushing money down the toilet. You would die to hear some of the things he has said about it. Embarassed

But by that as it may, he's right. We pay money for toilet paper that's only use is to be flushed down the toilet. We quite literally flush money away every time we use it. How can you stop you ask? Gotta have toilet paper 'cause I'm not using leaves.

Kroger has Cottonelle on sale every day for $0.99 for a 4 roll pack.

Cottonelle regularly has $0.50 coupons on or their website or in the newspaper.

Well Kroger doubles the coupons to $1.00 making the toilet paper free.

I currently have 36 4-roll packs in my laundry room and just bought 5 more tonight. Had more coupons but was actually a little embarrassed to buy my usual 10-12 packs.

2 quick additions to this:

1 - SmartSource regularly has a $.25 or $.50 coupon on their site as does Cellfire. Check daily because they only have so many each day. They can be used in conjunction with the coupon making them money makers. One time I had 2 SS & 1 CF and earned $1.25 on top of the free tp.

2 - The last 2 times Cottonelle was in the paper with the coupon flyers it was only $.50 off 2 packs. Now I still think this is a deal but I won't use them again until SS or CF has their coupon to load making the tp free again.
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Buy in Anticipation of your need
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