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 KROGER - 2/5/09 WOW!!!

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PostSubject: KROGER - 2/5/09 WOW!!!   Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:33 pm

Kroger shopping trip went great tonight. So hubby tells me before I leave, my budget is $30 - don't go over! So I grab my coupons & my spreadsheet and I hit the door. I get to the register and have everything rung up. My eyes almost popped out of my head and started to get a little nervous. But I straightened up, handed over my coupons and patiently waited.

Here's what I bought:

2 Ritz cracker grab n go
4 Totino's pizza rolls
4 Grands biscuits
4 Multigrain Cheerios
1 Kroger sandwich bags
1 Kroger 45 count spoons
6 Chef boyardee ravioli
4 Manwich sauce
8 Hillshire Farm deli sandwich meat
2 Kroger refried beans
6 Del Monte can green beans 50% less salt
2 Ortega taco seasoning
4 Minute Rice individual heat and eat rice
2 packs fresh mushrooms
1.59 lbs apples
1.89 lbs pears
1 precut red & green peppers w/ onions
1 Classico pasta sauce

Total before coupons & discounts - $107.87

Total coupons & discounts - $77.74

Total paid - $30.13 ***Oh no I went over by $.13. Wait! The pears rang up wrong. They're free!!!!***

Total after refund $26.44 ***77.5% saved***
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KROGER - 2/5/09 WOW!!!
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