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 Walgreen's Beginning Help

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PostSubject: Walgreen's Beginning Help   Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:56 pm

Walgreen's overall is very similar to CVS. Here is a list of terms and definitions for Walgreen's that you will need to understand.

Important Terms:

IVC (Instant Value Coupon) Found in monthly brochure in stores can be combined with Easy Saver Rebates & Manufacturer’s coupons

Easy Saver Rebates (Monthly Rebates - can only be submitted once a month. You can do this online now - which is so easy. You can either choose a check or a gift card. If you choose a gift card, you get a 10% bonus on applicable offers. No UPC is required unless noted in the Easy Saver Book.)

Register Rewards -Catalinas that print out at the register after you buy qualifying items. You can use these on your next trip.

7 day coupons - coupons available for one week that are available in the current weekly ad. You can use 7 day coupons with IVCs.
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Walgreen's Beginning Help
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