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 Hubby went to store by himself - 9/4/08

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PostSubject: Hubby went to store by himself - 9/4/08   Wed Feb 04, 2009 12:32 pm

So hubby comes home from work and makes the mistake of asking if I need anything from the store.

Well, the answer is yes, of course. Next question - do you have a list? Of course, I have a list. It's Wednesday, it's 7 pm, and the Publix ad ends tonight.

So off he goes after telling him specifically where everything is that I want. And I wait for the call. About 15 minutes later the first call comes in. The cheese singles are no longer marked so which do I buy? They are out of bagels? What do I do? Where are the nuts? What kind of Cocoa Puffs do you want? How many Toaster Strudels should I buy? Needless to say I was giggling the whole time.

In the end, he did really well:

3 - Cocoa Puffs
2 - Kraft cheese singles
5 - Toaster Strudel
3 - Lender's bages (but got raincheck as they were out of most)
2 - Blue Diamond almonds
1 - small bag flour (no coupon; necessity)
1 - Ken's dressing (no coupon; he told me he didn't need coupon book)
2 - Lays' chips

total before discounts & coupons - $52.28

total discounts & coupons - $31.17

total paid - $21.11 (he was quite pleased with himself) plus raincheck for bagels & Kraft white cheese singles
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Hubby went to store by himself - 9/4/08
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