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 Fraudulent coupons ruin it for the rest of us

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Regina Bryant

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PostSubject: Wow...   Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:34 pm

That is so sad... Most of the stores in my area dont take online coupons. Publix will get a little nervous about it, but they will. I try to ask any store I go into if they take competitor or online before I start shopping. Just to save the embarassment of having to put back anything I may have picked up.

It sad people resort to fraudulent activities just to save a few bucks..most times they dont even have to.

I hope things get better for you in your area!
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PostSubject: Fraudulent coupons ruin it for the rest of us   Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:53 pm

We've seen a couple of notes lately warning about coupon fraud in our Cannycouponer exchanges, and I wanted to let you know of a palpable result of fraud in my local stores. My Kroger has stopped taking online coupons or competitor coupons because of the level of fraud they've experiences with just 2 families in our area. Hopefully it won't last forever! My Publix is a lot tighter with competitor coupons, too, bc of the same families, so I have to drive to another city to get many of the Publix deals that the rest of you enjoy locally. Retailers get compensated from the manufacturers for legal coupons; but, with fraudulent coupons, they can't get compensated so it amounts to sealing. As a result, they just cut our coupon programs and we all suffer. After all, stealing is stealing. Sad.
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Fraudulent coupons ruin it for the rest of us
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