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 Crazy ways to get Coupons

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PostSubject: Crazy ways to get Coupons   Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:46 pm

Here are a few funny and crazy ways I have heard to get extra coupons -

Dumpster diving - yes I have actually heard of people getting into the recycling newspaper bins on Mondays or Tuesdays to go after lots of coupons people throw away.

Ask your neighbors - If your neighbors get the Sunday paper, you could always ask them for their leftovers.

Family members - my mom mails me her coupons every week. get family members to donate theirs to you.

Church or co-workers - ask around to see if people are willing to bring you their coupons

Local newspaper - go to the local office of your newspaper delivery and ask what they do with extras. sometimes you can make an arrangement to get extra inserts. taking donuts always helps. Very Happy

Freecycle - I recently joined a freecycle group in my area. yesterday a lady offered a bag of uncut coupons for free. I was the first person to respond and picked them up

Buying coupons - yes sometimes it pays to buy coupons. if you know of a great sale coming up and really want to stock up, buying coupons is the way to go. Ebay has coupon sellers but my favorite is a company called . they are quick and cheap. I've ordered several times and have been very pleased
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Crazy ways to get Coupons
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